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Noorena Shams

Squash Player

Highest World Ranking (PSA): 120
Current World Ranking: 199

Agency: Magnus Sports


Shams was born on 18 June 1997 in Timergara, Lower Dir District, Pakistan. She raised the money to buy her first squash racket and shoes by selling her cartoons to the local newspaper. She lived in Lower Dir with her mother during the war, and her house was struck twice.


Top 5 achievements:

  • Winner of Texas open 25k
  • Winner of Salt Lake City 20k
  • Winner of Chief of Air staff 2017 20k
  • Winner of Richmond open 10k
  • Winner of EM Noll 2018 10k

  • Other Events:

    • Winner of E.M. Noll Classic USA 2019
    • Winner of CAS International Squash Championship 2019
    • Winner of Pakistan International Women’s Squash Tournament 2019
    • Winner of Squash Melbourne Open 2018
    • Winner of SNGPL Pakistan International Squash Circuit II Men
    • and Women 2018
    • Winner of PSF Pakistan Squash Circuit I 2018
    • Winner of Richmond Open 2018
    • Winner of Novum Energy Texas Open Women Squash
    • Championship USA 2018
    • Winner of Wasatch Advisors Salt Lake City USA 2018
    • Winner of E.M. Noll Classic USA 2018
    • Winner of Chief of Air Staff International Women Squash
    • Championship 2017
    • Winner of Australian Open 2017
    • Winner of the City of Greater Bendigo International 2017
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