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Saad Ali

Saad Ali has been a passionate motorsports enthusiast though out the years, in 2006 he got his break when he did his professional race driver’s certification. Acing the intensive drivers program, he enlisted in the school series at Sakhir Formula 1 Circuit, Bahrain. He qualified and finished 3rd in his very first professional race, first race, first podium, competitive lap-times, matching them down to the dot to the reigning champion. The ingredients are all present, for making a great race car driver!


  • Could Become the First Pakistani to Represent the Country in Formula 1.
  • 1st Position SWS/2F2F Endurance Championship.
  • 3rd – SWS/2F2F Sprint Race Round 3.
  • 3rd – Formula Gulf 1000 Round 14.
  • 1st – SWS/2F2F Endurance Race.
  • 5th – AirBlue Karting Grand Prix.
  • 8th Position, FG1000 Championship.

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